jeudi 17 mai 2007

TV shows addicts unite !

I have so always been into TV shows. Find it hard to understand some people's contempt towards TV; after all, TV is only what you make it, and with this magic object that is the remote, even the laziest can easily find a decent program !
I've just seen the last episode of my current favorite show, Life on Mars, last night.
Arghh, don't you just hate those TV shows that make you love them even more when you see the last episode ? It's so unfair on us poor viewers ! :-)
Of course, I might be a little biased because of my love for David Bowie ! I have to say that this show makes one of the best uses of his music I've seen (or is that "heard" ?) on TV shows.
Now I have to wait eagerly for the DVDs to come out (in July ! )...

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michelle a dit…

i am addicted to tv.. i am actually surprised how much other stuff i can get done with all the tv i watch. now that the regular season is over, time to catch up on the history channel..hee hee