samedi 5 mai 2007

A few other layouts (done less or more recently)

Well, I've mostly spent NSD NOT scrapbooking, as every year, and it is getting on my nerves a bit, so I thought I'd at least upload some layouts on the blog.

I'm expecting some gorgeous stuffs in the next days (which almost makes me froget how broke I am because of that ! LOL ! ). Some new Hambly, the SOML kit obviously, 2 zingboom kits, and some Poppy Ink...Yummy....Plus some purple inion stamps I could not resist.

I'll take some pics of some gorgeous sideshow stamps I've received yesterday, that I can't wait to use (well, OK, as a matter of fact, I've already waited all day ! )

2 commentaires:

Laura McCann a dit…

very gorgeous LO's! and I love your banner!

china59 a dit…

Thanks a lot for your kind comment Laura ! I actually love your work too !
The banner was really a quicky : it's a notebook I did and I just scanned a part of it and added some swirls by Rhonna and a vintage image...LOL !