dimanche 9 mars 2008

New header and a hommage to a few artists

Yes, I've finally been able to change my header. Gone for a very simple design.

I'd like to put forward a few artists from Etsy. The place is simply amazing and full of terrific eye-candies.

1st of all Anne Julie who is a French artist of great talent. Her etsy shows her prints, original art, jewellery and more. She reminds me a little of theblackapple but their styles are still very distinct.
I've also had a crush on Molly Jey. Her paper sculptures are simply whimsical !

I crave for scrapping but can't give in, because I'm finishing an album for my colleague who had a baby. He and his gf love it classical so I'm feeling a bit frustrated and I'm not sure I'd even be able to scrap in my style anymore ! lol ! Here's a sample of it :Classical I told you !