mardi 15 mai 2007

New layouts and other quite fascinating news

Hi girlies,

Well, against all bets, me and my collegue survived last week. There was only a few shattered glass frames to replace just a few minutes before the opening and that kind of minor catastrophes...

I managed to finish some pages I had started some time ago.
One about some of the things I like as I've just turned 30

And one from the trip to Malta :

This one is quite impressively empty for my usual ! LOL !
This is the one thing that really struck me about Malta : this mix of British and Mediterranean traditions !

I've received a lot of gorgeous parcels these days (yeah, been living the sbing life this month ! ) :
Stamps from Purple Onion and Sideshow Stamps. I would really like to give a thumb up for Sideshow here : the stamps arrived so fast and are really groovy !
Then I've received the kits from SOML and the "boom boxes" from Zingboom, and I must say both scrapbooking goddesses Sara and Kristen rock ! There are a few girls starting kit clubs these days and too much cannot be said about them ! They're so out of the business logic thingie ! They're generous and genuinely passionate about scrapbooking and they really want to share their passion and talent ! Way to go girls ! and thank you for the fun !
I've also received a kit from Martha's etsy shop "Ohgrrrr", and it's fab too. Lots of little bits and things carefully and lovingly put together !

Finally, I owe some of you girls a few parcels ! Couldn't send them in the last days caus' the PO was always closed when I finished work and no one could send them for me, but it should be done in the next days ! So hang on and be assured that I don't forget you !

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michelle a dit…

love these LO's. I love collage, but can't seem to master it. I really love that material you used on the malta page!