dimanche 30 décembre 2007

A few pics of a good day

Finally, I thought I should take pics of the Xmas trees :
Here's the big one in the living room
This year's colors were white and green. And yes, these are wood elves.

And the little tree
Note for myself : it's hard to take a pic of a fluffy feathery tree in the dark without a flash.

We had a nice sunny morning today
La Petite was chillaxing

The shrubs were gleaming in the sun

The pig was ashining.

The afternoon was cloudy and windy, so everyone went inside for a comfy spot of sleep

"Why do you have to annoy me every time I take a nap?"

"Please let me comatose"

"I said : put the d*mn flash off"

TFL ! Wish you all a very nice day !

samedi 29 décembre 2007

My own 10 fave los this year

Answering Bernadette's question here, here are my 10 favorite los of mine this year :

This one because there is such a dreamy quality to it, that I hadn't really foreseen. I love the colours here !

This one because I really enjoyed Gretchen's challenge of creating a lo with colours that are not usually associated with your precise theme.

This one because the journaling was really true and I loved the colours even though they are not colours I usually use.
Well, there's a gnome, need I say more?

Because I could go all the way with the Kawaii thing.

Because for once it was effortlessly right. It just fell into place, and once again, not really with my usual colours.

Cause I loved working with textile and I particularly like this one with the exotic birds. And I also loved the various journaling spots. I also very much liked the theme, it was a very striking thing in Malta.

This one was very unusual for me and I just loved it ! Loved the pic on a transparency, too !

And this story was so funny I could totally go crazy with the colours and Bam Pop stamps.

Cause I just loved the theme so much and the colours involved here were so peaceful !

And a new videoclip

No, I wasn't tired of the Scissor Sisters (can you even get tired of them ?), but it was high time the one and only made an appearance on this blog.
And you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a Bowie video on the net to put on your blog. There's only videos from the 70', or from the Let's Dance era. And let's face it, I'm a fan of the snobbish stock.
See, there are different types of Bowie fans : one is the young enthusiast, who'll PIMP just watching a Labyrinth video. One other is the old cynic like me who will pluck out one's own eye to avoid watching a Labyrinth video. Even typing the word hurts !

So Life on Mars it is.

Which makes me think : I totally need these
Cause I've finished my 2 seasons of House DVDs, and my QI game...Need something to watch on my long geeky wintery nights !

Now playing: Hawksley Workman - Tonight romanticize the automobile


Or take more days off - as I only blog when I'm on holidays, apparently.
So what's been up since, whew ... 18th November !?
Lotsa work, again ! Mucho burn out at work (I bursted into tears in front of a very embarrassed janitor at the Museum).
But the exhibition was OK, finally. Everyone told us how clear and well presented it was this year (no one guessed we had to do this in two months ! )

I took the Xmas holidays off, and I very much think I'm going to take next week too !

Xmas was basically the family thing, like every year. And like every year I was the only one who hadn't got the memo about not giving gifts. It's pretty much like going to a party and being the only one thinking it was a costumed party, but more depressing.
Well, it's the same every year of course, but this time I needed to feel important for someone and obviously it didn't help...

Well, I just gave myself my own gifts : I bought a rather expensive face cream, and this beauty :
that I'm totally gonna wear for New Year's Eve (of course, I'll look like a sausage in it, but whatever ! )