dimanche 18 novembre 2007

Pfiew !

I'd have sworn I had updated this last Sunday. Apparently not so.
So what's been up in my world ?
First, we still have that much work to do at the museum. I thought it was going to calm down, but noooo. The exhibition is due to start on the 8th of December (it was supposed to start on the 24th of November but it was obvious it wouldn't be ready) and we still have to send a few panels to the panel designers (not sure what the tech word is in English).

Yuck ! And it's driving us crazy. See, I have a degree in History, but not my colleague, because he chose a shorter, more practical and professionally oriented carrier. Which is great, because he knows a lot more stuff than I do about events setting and all that. And he sure knows as much as I do in 2nd Word War History, as he's been in the job for 5 years.
Well, we have this woman who claims that she is the "historical caution" of the Museum (says she, because she doesn't have any official status), and because my colleague doesn't have a History degree, she keeps bringing him down and telling him "you don't know anything, I do, I was a high school teacher" (and I'm not talking figuratively, I'm quoting her exact words. I know, hard to believe anyone would steep so low as saying that).
So she made the preparation of this exhibition a long hell by criticizing everything we wrote...
I can't wait till it's all up and we're rid of that.

And it's sad. Because, while you're searching the land for pictures of your witnesses, archives...while you're making up plans to kill the damn woman who's making all this a hell, well, you forget why you're doing that job in the first place.
I was watching a lame TV movie the other day about the same subject as our exhibition (people who helped Jews and resistants during the war), and I noticed I was moved. And I couldn't help thinking how stupid I was to be moved by some made up story in a lame TV movie, while I was so harsh at work dealing with REAL people's lives.
Sometimes things become blurry and you have to slap yourself to keep what really matters in mind.

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mardi 6 novembre 2007

I'm on a shopping spree

Someone please save me from myself !
I've been putting some money aside these last few months, and since September I've completely gone mad with shopping. Has to do with my general compulsive behavior when I'm depressed I guess...
Well, anyway, here are a few of the latest acquisitions :

These babies are from margin

And they had some special Jibbitz for Halloween. I mean, come on !

And this is just the top of the iceberg, really.
How can I expect to save money to move, if I keep doing this ?
And yet everytime I'm depressed it's the same thing. And once I'm out of this phase I can be perfectly saintly for months...

Just weird me !

lundi 5 novembre 2007

And now I got started I just can't stop

Oh, and in the past months I also had something else on my mind.
I am single and make about 1050€ a month at the Museum. With the real estate business being what it is now, I can't even imagine getting a home on my own. It so happens that my aunt is single too and she owns a very small home in a bad neighbourhood. So we've been thinking about getting a bigger house in a nice district together. How Agatha Christie does that sound like ? She'd put half of the sum by selling her old house and I'd take a credit for the rest.
Turns out one my other aunts told her to be careful lest I should rob her of her part or whatever.
She didn't pay attention to it of course, even less so as we had already planned to investigate about the statuses that could protect us both.
But still, I'm just infuriated at this woman. And she just turned up last week all smiling at me and expected me to be friendly. Needless to say I was totally unpleasant and whiny the whole time...
I guess family isn't always a big bed of roses...

Going all Frankenstein

Ok, time to play God a bit and revive this blog.
Those of you who frequently go to might know that I haven't been feeling well of late. Nothing serious (as far as I know), but I just couldn't bother posting on the blog. Felt really really tired and depressed and the whole shebang...Hopefully I'll have more info soon as I have an appointment to the hospital at the end of the month.
On top of that I had too much work to take care of my health/blog, but I hope it's going to be a bit quieter soon. We are currently working on 2 exhibitions at a time for the museum, one about all the people who helped/evacuated/hid Resistants or Jews during the war, and another one about the First World War Resistants.

I haven't been totally idle scrapwise though, as you can see from the slide, I have managed to knock a few los down.