vendredi 4 janvier 2008

Happy New Year (late)

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via FoxyTunes Hello all and Happy New year ! May all your wishes be fulfilled for 2008.

Everybody seems to be writing up their resolutions these days, but I never make these. My commitment-impaired me forbids me to.

But there are a few things I would like done in the coming year :

1. I want to get the house NOW. I have so been postponing this project by fear of, well, commitment ! I want to go and ask for a credit in April or May max.

2. I need to go back to the gym. My subs ended in November, and I have to try and find another, cheaper subs. But as it will be at least 500$ a year, and I'll have to pay maybe at once, I have to wait till the end of the month for that !

3. I have to go and find a surgeon.
I have been horrified by my New Year pic. (there was an ugly pic here, but I had to remove it, couldn't stand it being on the blog for like ever, even for honesty's sake)
If I were any fatter I'd be absolutely square.
I won't give in and do any diet ! Diets have led me to this ! Before I started them I was healthily plump and had a nice figure; after every diet I put on the weight back with a bonus. And it gave me compulsions that took me years to shake off.

Admittedly it worked even worse for me, because, in the Dr's words, I have a genetic anomaly that helps my body adjust to very severe diets. So it stocks up on fat at the slightest occasion. Thank you Dr, can I return this anomaly to the store and rather curb time or read minds? No? Oh well...

Obviously, as I'm a small eater (no junk food, no soda, 1600 kcal a day), I can't go under stomach operations either, would be of no use.

So aesthetic surgery it would be for me ! Now I just have to find a surgeon (and the money ! lol !), and make some tests to see if it wouldn't be too dangerous. Some surgeons don't like to operate obese people when it's not absolutely necessary because the anesthesia is more hazardous.
I don't want to be operated to be "thin". This is not possible. Not gonna happen. And if I could have Paris Hilton's figure in the blink of an eye, I'm not sure I'd want to.
But I want to get a figure back. Curves.

P.S. I'm totally not one to feel sorry for.
I've just learnt that one of our relatives' new born child was born without skin on some body parts. Please keep the child and his family in your thoughts, not me.

4. Yes, Dutch for dummies ! Need to get back to studying Dutch.

I think that's it for the main wishes for 2008 !

On the craft front, I haven't been scrapping much during my days off.
But I've been doing a few necklaces :

And as a good-bye note I will leave you with a few kitties and garden pics (just hoping to make you forget the part about my ugly pic) :

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Sonja a dit…

Thanks for visiting my blog, the necklaces you made are loverly (as are you). And if your Dr. figures out a way to return anomolies for something else, please let me know, I'd be glad to trade a few quirks:)

Happy New Year

michelle a dit…

I hear you about the resolutions, I am trying to call them promises to myself and I keep my list very, very small. Last year I only had one, this year I have 3 and losing weight (i mean getting healthy) is one of them.