dimanche 6 janvier 2008

On more futile subjects

When I said I had showed the family Xmas trees on my blog, my aunt insisted a lot on my showing her nativity scene too.
Well, some of you know nativity scenes are not really my trade, since I'm not a religious person, but I must say in all fairness it really is a family tradition.
Every year my aunt settles a creche with "santons" (traditional southern France characters, whose name I believe means "little saints", but they really embody villagers, shepherds). And every year we buy her a new one at the Xmas market.
She has also added a few from abroad.
Luckily, the creche is confined into the limits of a closed cupboard for now, because nativity scenes don't traditionally include 15lbs cats ! Baby Jesus, yes, ass and ox yes, but no cat !

So here is da thing :
And a few details :
The traditional Provence scene

The manger and the three kings

And this little guy comes from Southern Italy.

And as we're talking about my aunt, here is what she got for Xmas (along with a new flat screen for her comp) :
Not that she's a George Clooney fan, no, she's a con and robbery fan ! The kind of "no gun, no victim" stuff that you only see in movies.
She's always dreamt of setting up a big plan. We've always been teasing her about that !
Family, right ?!

5 commentaires:

angel a dit…

looks great to me!
Oh still haven't seen that movie!

Silvitanova a dit…

Still have to watch that movie!
I would like to have a scene like that to; but I'm still looking for the right one!
Veel succes met je cursus Nederlands :)

luv2scrapmilestones a dit…

ohhhhhhh....i am wishing you a totally fabulous 2008!!!! May all of your wildest and most wonderful dreams come true.


michelle a dit…

wow. love your nativity set, such detail. Haven't seen this movie yet, but it's on the list.

Pearl Maple a dit…

Congrats on your successes and that village is lovely. It is nice to build on tradditions like that each year seeing it grow with the addition of a new piece.