samedi 19 janvier 2008

So What's up ?

I have been back at work for 2 weeks, and predictably only have been able to update today !
The atmosphere at work has been of a big and general comatose. My colleague has to stay up all night because of his new born baby, and I just can't seem to have a restful night (maybe the Dr who said I was suffering from sleep disorder was right).
We've had an evaluation. And it looks like we're getting the raise we had asked for considering the amount of work we had done on top of our assigned tasks.
We're getting 45$. Yoohoo ! (said in my cynical voice). We were both hoping for at least 65$, but I had told my colleague not to be too optimistic, and it turns out I hate being right !

On a happier note, I shed another 2 lbs, but I'm still dubious as I have no clue why. I'm sure doing less exercise than I'm used to. I've been putting weight on and off for no reason before, so I'm defiant. But maybe it's just how I am.
I have received new clothes from torrid. I had to pay 65$ for custom fees, but I'm trying to persuade myself that I couldn't find these clothes around here anyway!
First, this skirt

that I am too old to wear by a good 6 years, and that I sure can't wear for meeting officials. But I wanted it sooooo bad.
And then this dress
that I can wear more easily at the Museum. Matter of fact, it just is über referential ! This is da dress to kiss young GIs in their tanks isn't it ? It kinda screams May 1945 at you. lol !
I need to find a red turtleneck to wear it these days, because what with global warming and all, it's still on the cold side here in Northern France !
And I've finally managed to find a pair of red tights to wear with it, after a whole day of searching, on this site that carries an impressive range of plus size tights and stockings, plus cool stuff like petticoats and garters !!!

I've also been scrapping a bit, doing an album for my colleague's kiddo. They like the classic style, so it's a bit hard on me ! lol ! But I'm doing my best.
And I've been doing a monsterlet for my cousin's daughter who came for a visit. No pic, cause I've done it in about 15mn before she had to go home. But here's the recipe :
take this stamp
and shrinking plastic, some color pencils, cook the plastic monsters, and Voilà ! A very happy kid permanently holding her arm up in fear of losing her monsterlet ! lol !

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7 commentaires:

Nikki_Wartho a dit…

Congrats on loosing 2lbs!
I love that skirt with the skulls on it!
and cute monster bampop stamp!
Have a great weekend.

Debbi a dit…

Oh I am IN LOVe with that skirt. I wish I was young enough to wear it.

Ann(i)e Hafermann a dit…

LOVE the will rock it!

Sharmaine a dit…

yay on the weight loss, hate clothes shopping so happy that someone else likes to browse and enjoy lol

michelle a dit…

That's the best remedy for weight loss - buying new clothes! Those are soo cool. That skirt rocks! Have a great week! oh and congrats on the raise!


Thanks for stopping by! So is a new dress the only excuse I need to be kissing young GI's???..LOL..
BTW...Congrats on the weight lost, that's just super!!!

Nat a dit…

oh that dress and skirt are cool. Congrats on loosing weight- you gonna look super cute in those clothes!