samedi 29 décembre 2007

My own 10 fave los this year

Answering Bernadette's question here, here are my 10 favorite los of mine this year :

This one because there is such a dreamy quality to it, that I hadn't really foreseen. I love the colours here !

This one because I really enjoyed Gretchen's challenge of creating a lo with colours that are not usually associated with your precise theme.

This one because the journaling was really true and I loved the colours even though they are not colours I usually use.
Well, there's a gnome, need I say more?

Because I could go all the way with the Kawaii thing.

Because for once it was effortlessly right. It just fell into place, and once again, not really with my usual colours.

Cause I loved working with textile and I particularly like this one with the exotic birds. And I also loved the various journaling spots. I also very much liked the theme, it was a very striking thing in Malta.

This one was very unusual for me and I just loved it ! Loved the pic on a transparency, too !

And this story was so funny I could totally go crazy with the colours and Bam Pop stamps.

Cause I just loved the theme so much and the colours involved here were so peaceful !

4 commentaires:

Lillsisslill a dit…

WOW!!! Love your top 10! Adding you as a fave over at SIS at once!!

Lillyrose :)

michelle a dit…

love your layouts. These are all fabulous. I wish I could break out of my usual color scheme.

Debbi a dit…

Your layouts have a very artsy side to them. I love them all. No wonder they are your favs.

Christiane Müller a dit…

hey, love your stuff!! what a great year of layouts!!
ich wünsche dir ein gutes neues jahr!! ;))