samedi 29 décembre 2007

And a new videoclip

No, I wasn't tired of the Scissor Sisters (can you even get tired of them ?), but it was high time the one and only made an appearance on this blog.
And you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a Bowie video on the net to put on your blog. There's only videos from the 70', or from the Let's Dance era. And let's face it, I'm a fan of the snobbish stock.
See, there are different types of Bowie fans : one is the young enthusiast, who'll PIMP just watching a Labyrinth video. One other is the old cynic like me who will pluck out one's own eye to avoid watching a Labyrinth video. Even typing the word hurts !

So Life on Mars it is.

Which makes me think : I totally need these
Cause I've finished my 2 seasons of House DVDs, and my QI game...Need something to watch on my long geeky wintery nights !

Now playing: Hawksley Workman - Tonight romanticize the automobile

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