samedi 29 décembre 2007


Or take more days off - as I only blog when I'm on holidays, apparently.
So what's been up since, whew ... 18th November !?
Lotsa work, again ! Mucho burn out at work (I bursted into tears in front of a very embarrassed janitor at the Museum).
But the exhibition was OK, finally. Everyone told us how clear and well presented it was this year (no one guessed we had to do this in two months ! )

I took the Xmas holidays off, and I very much think I'm going to take next week too !

Xmas was basically the family thing, like every year. And like every year I was the only one who hadn't got the memo about not giving gifts. It's pretty much like going to a party and being the only one thinking it was a costumed party, but more depressing.
Well, it's the same every year of course, but this time I needed to feel important for someone and obviously it didn't help...

Well, I just gave myself my own gifts : I bought a rather expensive face cream, and this beauty :
that I'm totally gonna wear for New Year's Eve (of course, I'll look like a sausage in it, but whatever ! )

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michelle a dit…

That sucks about the presents, but at least you got some more of your own! that dress is hot and i hope you have a wonderful new years!