mardi 6 novembre 2007

I'm on a shopping spree

Someone please save me from myself !
I've been putting some money aside these last few months, and since September I've completely gone mad with shopping. Has to do with my general compulsive behavior when I'm depressed I guess...
Well, anyway, here are a few of the latest acquisitions :

These babies are from margin

And they had some special Jibbitz for Halloween. I mean, come on !

And this is just the top of the iceberg, really.
How can I expect to save money to move, if I keep doing this ?
And yet everytime I'm depressed it's the same thing. And once I'm out of this phase I can be perfectly saintly for months...

Just weird me !

2 commentaires:

Sharmaine a dit…

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
hope you get over the shopping bug ;)

Anonyme a dit…

Love those Jack Skellington buttons. They are so cute!