vendredi 22 juin 2007

A bit of time to scrap

I finally found some time to make a new lo.
I was definitely inspired by what I saw on my way to the museum the other day.
Working for a Resistance museum certainly makes you meet larger than life people.
Casimir, who lives near the museum, is NOT one of them.
Casimir has started Resistance when he was 15, and he was living with his mom in their occupied farm (his dad was very ill and he would die in 1941). His mum was one of these women you only see in old movies about Resistance. When the Germans were occupying her farm, she called them names because they dared drink HER wine ! LOL !*
He is our "low profile" Resistant, compared to Georges who blew a guy's head (long story, and you don't want to hear it) and sabotaged a station, or Yvonne, the catholic communist (!) who went to Ravensbrück and kept resisting there. He always claims that he has "only" worked for the Intelligence services and has never been arrested, and that the true resistant was his mum. And what is very unfair is that people seem to not be very interested because his story is less spectacular or tragic. I mean, the guy had a few German planes destroyed (planes that were used to bomb London ! )
Well, the 18th of June is the anniversary of De Gaulle's call to French people to start Resistance.
On that morning, as I passed Casimir's house, I noticed the flag at his window !
For Casimir, De Gaulle is still his leader and protector. It's very moving to see this kind of fidelity 60 years later !
I wanted to document that right away.

The LO is unnormally "patriotic" for me (as it is unusual for Casimir to flash the colors ! ) but I wanted something that would look like a traditional image of France, in the old days...So I picked the flag colors.
I kept it a bit vintage because that gesture seemed so old fashioned and touching at the same time.
Pp is Sassafras Lass, the journaling card is from Daisy D (and it bares a very pertinent phrase), stamps are from Pink Sugar Pop, 7Gypsies and Bam Pop.
Wish you all a very happy day (or night)
* BTW, please don't be offended if you are German and reading this. At the time, Casimir's family had lived two occupations, so they rather had a germanophobic feeling. But Casimir is the first to relate how he met soldiers who were nice and only longing to go home. Now he has made a specialty of charming our young German visitors or colleagues !

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michelle a dit…

i love it! love the colors and glad you have been so inspired.. i love history and will defininately have to check out casimir

Eminepala a dit…

It's beautiful sweetie...


PROLIX from la Normandie a dit…

cool job Hélène!



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