mercredi 13 février 2008

Been cleaning up

I think I must be the least resilient person in the world. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm still looking around for China. The pain has faded a little because I'm under prozac (had to go back on the med anyway), but it still lingers though.
I feel ashamed of whining like that, cause I know so many people who lost their family/husband/friends/parents...or just survived tragedy themselves, and still keep their chin up.

Anyway, I've been trying to move my @$$. This must be part of the mourning process (if you've lost someone dear to you, please don't be upset about my using the word "mourning", because for us pet owners, it is a real loss when a pet dies) : I have felt the urge to clean up and change everything around.
Here are a few (bad-it was getting darker when I finished) pics of the deco.

This is my "geeky corner" with toys and old vinyls and my Avengers collection (let's all pretend you haven't seen that).

And this is the "Alice in Wonderland" clock in the kitchen. Ok, everybody has this Ikea clock, but I just love it. Just bought it in red too for the future house.

And I have also changed my hairdo, and for once in a blue moon I don't hate it !
Ok, it's the basic "longer at the front, shorter at the back" do, but I still like it. The girl adapted it to the length I wanted, and she actually listened to what I wanted.

Also, isn't it funny how life has a way of playing with you? Everytime I have lost one of my dear cats, a newcomer showed up in the garden. Many of my neighbours adopt cats that they let astray, and they don't spay them. And it seems that there is a guide of "best houses to stray to", because all the cats in the neighbourhood end up in our garden !
Well, anyway, we have a new visitor, a small red-headed cat that looks like a stayer. Red-headed cats are always stayers, mind you. We have one who showed up in the garden like 3 years ago, and was then fighting all the other cats. We spayed him, talked to him, tried to get him to obey, but he still fought everyone, so we had to give him away to one of my mum's customers. Presumably a reliable guy. Well, the next day he had works at his house and let the door open. I mean, who lets their door open right after adopting a pet ?! The cat ran away, obviously; there was much shouting and crying on my part, because of course I felt guilty for having given the cat to the mor*n !
We went looking around his house (which was 2 miles away from ours), in all the streets, shouting the cat's name. Nothing.
And then before the end of the week the red-headed cat showed up in the garden again, covered in dirt. Only difference was that he never fought the others anymore. Poor cat must have thought that we were "punishing" him by sending him away.
Anyway, I have a feeling that this newcomer is probably in the same vain ! I'll have to take a pic of him one of these days !

3 commentaires:

Jules a dit…

Oh i'm sorry to hear your having such a rough time. I lost one of my parrots in September, I miss her dearly but I know we gave her a good life and her little spirit is making someone else happy....

Lisa a dit…

I'm so sorry you lost your cat. It will be a sad day when our little Purrcules passes.. I hope that doesn't happen for another 20 years at least.

michelle a dit…

I am sorry about your cat. It is very painful to lose a pet. I know your new little friend won't replace your cat, but he can help make you less lonely.
p.s I don't have that clock, cause believe it or not.. we don't have an ikea out here.